OFSAA Snowboard Coaching Sessions

OFSAA Snowboard Coaching Sessions


These sessions are based on developing core snowboard skills in relation to the needs of competition in the OFSAA snowboard series.

Skills covered include:

  • balance and stability in varied terrain
  • carving, turning and when each is used
  • start and finish techniques
  • steering in varied terrain
  • pre-race prep
  • equipment care and preparation
  • goal setting (short and long term)

High School coaches will be involved in the coaching, to develop their skills, allowing for anonymity of coaching at the OFSAA events.

This program has worked with Ottawa and Ottawa Valley High Schools including:

Arnprior District High School
Almonte District High School
Ashbury College
Sir Robert Borden High School
Elmwood School (2014 girls OFSAA champions)

Several of our current and past coaches including Jason Fleury, Mackenzie Carter and Rachael Penman have participated and won at the OFSAA events, and have an understanding of what it takes to have fun, confidence building experience.

Pricing is per evening or half day sessions- depending on ski hill location lift tickets for coaches may be required, with coaches working at a 1:10 ratio if a teacher is present. Sessions can be set up over the season, or for a single session. Sessions include alpine or sbx racing.